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Here at two birds nutrition, we love food. We love growing it, we love preparing it, and we love eating it. And most of all, we love teaching people how they can use food to improve their health and vitality.

We also understand that sometimes food alone is not the answer. For this reason, we have access to extensive diagnostic tools and laboratory resources across the country to help identify potential causes of our clients’ issues. This knowledge is used to design a nutritional protocol that best suits their unique conditions and needs.

We specialize in digestive function with a focus on autoimmunity and the gut-brain axis. As all the functions of the body rely on its ability to access and absorb nutrients, our scope is broad and holistic. We treat a range of conditions, from generally improving health to managing chronic disease.   We help our clients identify their health concerns, address existing issues, and create sustainable nutritional plans for a healthier, happier life.

You can find out about the services we offer, our foodology, and much more here on our website. Naturally, you can contact us directly if you have specific questions. We’d love to hear from you!

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