Resolve This: Small changes, big difference.

Every year I seem to fall into the overwhelming culture of a New Year’s Resolution, as if January 1st was some sort of sacred day of leaf turning and renewed self control.

This is, of course, bullshit.
Resolve this
In reality, January 1st has to do with a culture not of health, but desperation.  Since Thanksgiving we’ve been over-working, over-buying, and over-eating.  By the time January 1st rolls around, we’re basically a cinnamon roll and hot toddy away from diabetes and alcoholism.

Admittedly, I succumb to both the cookies and the cocktails and then also to the resolve to moderate come the New Year.

But not this year.  This year I spent some time thinking about the difference between the person I am today and the person I want to be.  I thought about the little allowances that become lifestyle (see: cocktails) and the seemingly imperceptible ways in which they eventually impact us (see: ten pounds).

There is a reality to change that we all resist accepting: the results do not come immediately.  This truth is one I see in my office daily.  Those things that have taken months, sometimes years to create cannot be undone with a 30 day cleanse. Though that is often a good start.

I had to have a long and rather uncomfortable talk with myself.   You know, those kind of conversations where you dive into some dark realities beyond the facade of your every day.  What I found was that my extreme life (extreme training, extreme working, extreme momming, extremely over fucking doing it) justifies some extremely unhealthy habits.

Those habits take away time and energy that I would like to contribute to the above mentioned project: The person I want to be.

That person is strong and healthy, has natural levels of energy (you know, naps when they need to, runs when they want to, doesn’t crave sugar), and represents patience and consistency.

So this year I’m not doing a 30 day cleanse.  I’m not detoxing, promising to run five days a week, or resolving to journal every day.  I’m giving up those things that influence me toward a less healthy state of mind and body.

See: Sugar. Coffee. Alcohol.

That’s right. Sugar. Coffee. Alcohol.

For a year.

Now I don’t really know what is going to happen.  A year is a long time to not be influenced by the joys of caffeine, the roller coaster of sugar, and the depressant of alcohol.

Everyone knows that giving these things up for 30 days feels great.  There may be a sense of deprivation and you may go to a few less barbecues, but this is not a lifestyle change.  This is a mere window into your potential.

I want more than a window into my potential.  I want to explore it and then live it.

I want to know what happens when I dedicate my energy to health and vitality, not for a month, not for a bikini season, but for an amount of time that allows my body to heal from that damn mango martini (X3) that I had last night.

There is no number to achieve.  There is no goal.  The purpose is curiosity.  How will I feel in a year? How much stronger and vital will my body be? Will I entirely lose my sense of humor? Quite possibly.

But I also think I’ll experience some things I couldn’t begin to imagine.  Like fitting into old jeans, waking up refreshed, and enough money saved on lattes to finance a backpacking trip in Vietnam.


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  • Nancy says:

    Read Anne Lamott recent post on fb if you can..I reposted on my fb page…luvs!

  • Dawn D Lindner says:

    Thank you. I really appreciate you taking the time to share that. I agree. But because I have low blood sugar I am hesitant at dropping sugar but the coffee? Yes. I was just now trying to budget in my Folgers and Coffee Mate for the next month.. It comes to around $50. And it’s not even caffinated! What’s the point? I want to wake up to a cup of green tea instead…without sugar…maybe a little honey. It is true that only 30 days can’t really change anything. I’m gping for that year. I bet I will never need coffee again. Thanks again! Happy New Year!

  • admin says:

    Thank you for sharing your story Dawn!! I hope your adventure in kicking the Folgers is going well. Does that even count as coffee? 🙂

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