Spring Cleaning

Spring CleaningIt’s that time of the year!

While some of us are busy cleaning our houses, gardens, and yards, the seasonal change is also a great time to clean ourselves and make space for some of the healing energy of summer!

This spring, we’re hosting a 15 day Spring Cleaning Cleanse. Before you get all excited about how much water weight you’re going to lose, let’s talk about what this cleanse is:


  • 15 days of supplements to support liver function, brain health, and metabolism
  • 15 days of a multi-vitamin protein shake to augment your regular meals (2 per day)
  • You will eat. Lots of fruits and vegetables, some nuts and seeds, and can choose a vegan, pescetarian, or omnivore option!
  • 21 days of nutritionist support in an online group environment, including educational videos (what the what is ‘cleansing’ anyway?), meal ideas, recipes, answers to your questions, and a carefully guided migration off the cleanse

What this supported cleanse is not:

  • Starvation, deprivation, or a quick solution
  • Dangerous or stressful to the body
  • Loaded with stimulants, appetite suppressants, or cousins of the cocaine plant

When you register, you will be invited to our online group where you can start asking questions, preparing for your 15 days, and getting excited! We’ll drop-ship your kit to your house (30 packets of specific supplements, 30 packets of a protein smoothie – gluten and dairy free). And you can start whenever you are ready, though the ‘official’ start date is April 22nd. Nutritionist guidance will be available in the online group until May 13th.

Where: This is an online group that meets privately on Facebook – no need to be local!
When: Beginning Monday, April 22nd, 2019 and lasting 15 days
Cost: $259 (includes your packet of goodies!)

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