IMG_7499Nutrition is a science – the science of understanding how living organisms interact with their food.  Yet there is much more to nutrition than what we put on our plates. Here at two birds, we dive into everything from our food choices, to habits and history that affect our digestion, to existing conditions that impact how our bodies use the nutrients we provide.

At two birds, we specialize in disorders of the gut, chronic conditions, and autoimmunity. These are health issues that are increasing in prevalence in much of our country. More and more, modern medical research is correlating nutrition and these conditions. And more and more, we are learning how to restore health and vitality by addressing the underlying causes.

Nutritional Consulting
We work with clients to understand their unique biology and improve their health through nutritional education, specific diet protocols, and supplementation. In our clinic, we commonly address issues ranging from fatigue to depression, weight management to food allergies, sports nutrition to chronic disorders, and even just generally improving health.

In our first consultation, we identify together the client concerns, dive deep into their symptoms and health history, and determine whether a nutritional approach can bring the benefits they seek.  This includes a full nutritional assessment, a functional physical analysis, and sometimes referral to the patient’s physician for further testing.

Based on these results and any further research we have completed, we design a nutritional protocol to help restore the patient’s health. In cases of chronic conditions or autoimmunity, it can mean teaching a patient how to apply nutrition to effectively manage symptoms. In cases of digestive disfunction or bacteria overgrowth, in can involve supplementation or specific therapies to support restoring natural function.

Based on the severity of the condition and the priorities of the client, treatment take anywhere from six weeks to six months, and visits are scheduled regularly at the client’s convenience to support the feasibility of the protocol and sustainable change for longterm health.

It is important to note that we do not diagnose or cure disease. We may identify causes and correlations, support an existing diagnosis with nutritional therapy, or refer with test results to a physician for diagnosis. We adhere to Idaho legislation in the scope of our practice and thus cooperate with patients’ physicians and refer to specialists where appropriate.

Advanced testing methods
Our practice is based on a foundation of science and research. For this reason, we have access to a variety of advanced testing methods to effectively identify and treat issues.  Testing is not necessary for every patient, but one of the useful tools we have in understanding what is contributing to a degradation of health in particular conditions.

Food allergy testing: We use US Biotek for IgG and IgA antibody testing using blood samples in most cases. For specific conditions or particularly high allergic responses, we sometimes use Cyrex Laboratories for IgG and IgA antibody testing, also using blood samples, as they offer an array of cooked and uncooked proteins as well as more complete panels for wheat and cross-reactive foods.

Wheat Allergy and Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance: Studies are increasingly showing tangible correlation between non-celiac gluten intolerance and a range of symptoms from gastric distress to eczema. To identify any true intolerance, we use Cyrex Laboratories to analyze immune response to wheat proteomes and those similar tissues of the body (transglutaminase, etc.).

Autoimmunity: An increase in prevalence of autoimmunity and the difficulty in identifying and diagnosing these conditions makes such testing means a useful aid in a path to health. While we do not diagnose autoimmunity, we do use Cyrex Laboratories testing capabilities to identify antibodies to one’s own tissues, including thyroid and other endocrine tissues, pancreatic and intestinal tissues, connective and nerve tissues, and more. These tests are usually performed in conjunction with a patient seeking treatment by a physician where we cooperate to develop an effective therapy using allopathic and complimentary medicine.

Chemical and Heavy Metal Intolerance: In conditions indicating intolerance to chemicals, environmental toxins, or heavy metals, we use IgG, IgA, and IgM antibody testing to identify which particular compounds patients are responding to.

Gastro-intestinal Profiling and Analysis: We work with Genova Diagnostics to provide an array of gastrointestinal testing, including parasitic and pathogen testing, candida and yeast overgrowth, Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO), GI function, tracking of disease progress with Crohn’s, IBS and IBD, Celiac Disease, and more.

Hormone testing: We use Genova Diagnostics to assess adrenal function and endocrine balance in our assessment of hormone function and health. These tests are typically saliva and help us identify issues contributing to health such as high or low cortisol levels, excess testosterone, low progesterone, and those factors that may be contributing to an endocrine imbalance.

It is increasingly common that children suffer ailments from food allergies to eczema to ADD.  Many of these issues can be supported nutritionally with impressive effectiveness and the benefit of a life-long understanding of nutrition’s role in their well-being.  Children are treated in the practice under similar protocols as adult individuals; however, a variety of age-appropriate educational tools and resources are applied.

Group Education
Often, there is a need to provide general education to a larger group.  In these cases, I work with the requesting client to determine the needs of the group and the topics best suited.  Sometimes these are educational lectures that provide information to breastfeeding mothers or to parents of toddlers introducing new foods.  It can be a wellness center looking to provide high-level resources to staff for their benefit.

Cooking courses
From time to time, I offer cooking courses and camps for adults and children.  These will be marked on the calendar when they are made available.  Cooking classes focus on particular topics (Soups from the bottom of the vegetable drawer, Pack Your Lunch Like A Super Hero) for adults and children and are centered around learning healthy alternatives that actually taste good.  Cooking courses for private groups can also be arranged upon request.

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