Fees and Insurance and Finance FAQs

Most patients are as concerned about the cost of their health as they are about achieving it. Because we understand the importance of a therapy being financially viable and patients being able to appropriately budget, we strive to keep costs as low as possible for our patients.

A schedule of our regular fees is provided below:

Complimentary Consultation: $0.00
Initial Consultation: 
Hourly Appointments: $120.00
Nutritional Therapy Package: $649.00
This includes the initial consultation, and 5 subsequent appointments scheduled in intervals appropriate to that patient’s therapy and progress. This approach is particularly effective as it allows us to focus systematically on improving function of the independent systems of the body. For example, we may begin with regulating blood sugars, then focus on liver and gall bladder support, then progress to improving endocrine function.


Will my insurance cover this? No. In the State of Idaho, most health insurance providers do not cover Nutritional Therapy in their plans. They typically cover the services of Registered Dietitians.

Will my HSA card cover this? Yes. HSA cards typically cover both our service fees and some or all supplementation. They also commonly cover any additional testing fees if labs are completed.

How much will it cost me? It is impossible to guess this as it varies from patient to patient and therapy to therapy. Our goal is always to prioritize food as our main source of health. Sometimes we use supplements to aid in that process, but ideally when we finish our therapy, the client has the knowledge and skills to apply nutrition at home successfully. Testing is generally expensive and can range anywhere from $54 (for hair analysis) to $575 (for a complete autoimmune profile). We do not mark up any of our testing or lab fees for existing patients as we primarily want to support their ability to gather relevant information and support successful therapy.

What about labs my doctor runs? We always encourage working with your existing practitioners. We understand that you have established long-term relationships with extensive health history and aim to cooperate with your chosen providers wherever possible. In most cases, standard labs such as cholesterol panels, inflammatory markers, thyroid testing, etc. can be requested through your general practitioner. And in most cases, these are covered as per your health insurance plan.

What kind of payment do you accept? We accept cash, checks, credit cards and even PayPal. We do not accept trade for services.

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