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As I always remind myself and clients, “This is the only body we’re ever going to have”, arguably until we see the day our consciousness transplanted into a robot. While that mind-boggling possibility is closer than I want to imagine, until then let’s happily operate with the assumption that we need to take care of the vessel we have now!

I am an IFA Certified Sports Nutritionist, fellow foodie and FUNctional fitness fanatic. Emphasis on FUN! I am thrilled to collaborate with the incredibly talented Ammi Midstokke and two birds nutrition to fortify meaningful relationships and provide custom wellness plans for a BIGGER picture of wellbeing!

 Like many people, I grew up with limited resources and as a result my constant companion throughout decades of sports and recreation were calorie-rich, yet nutrient-poor foods. Enter in Gushers, Kool Aid, many years of canned Spaghetti-Os and whatever barely edible items I could access at a school cafeteria. Growing up around drag racing and classic cars,  e concept of “fueling our tanks” came to me one day and I began seeing my body as a “high performance machine.” What I put in is what I would get out, right? 

I began making some nutritional changes and, not surprisingly, feeling much better. This reinforced my notion that there had to be more to brightly colored packaging and excitotoxins than what was advertised on the inner shelves at the super market. There had to be a correlation between my Baby Boomer grandparents raised on hamburgers and milkshakes and the twenty-three medications they took every day. My single mom did the best she could with what she had, and to her credit, still makes the best porcupine meatballs this side of the Rocky Mountains.

At a campus health store my freshman year at Gonzaga University, I began finding healthier options  that resonated with me and were in fact delicious. Food should taste good.  Through my pursuit of delightful foods, flavor, and health, a became more aware of how sugars and stress affected me. I began to read, read and read some more. It started to make sense. It was around this time I decided to shift my focus from the stiff and boring study of Business Administration to the relevant and dynamic study of Nutrition and Holistic Wellness.

The bold truth is that poor nutrition over generations took a toll on my family and I am determined to change my own path to have a different outcome, while helping others do the same. Through some relationships soon following, I was able to travel and experience other cultures and witness their relationship to food. They celebrated. They talked. They laughed. This opened my eyes to traditions and rituals around food very different than my own lifestyle of eating while standing, driving, multi-tasking and worse. Through the experience of new sensations, philosophies, languages, music and education I gained an appreciation of a alternative ways to do things, or rather EAT things. Food was something to be celebrated and enjoyed, not just used as a tool to get us down the next quarter mile of our track.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve evolved from being curious about food to actually finding my purpose in food. I planted my own garden, which later flourished into a community garden. I worked with disabled veterans and gained insight on perceived limitations and our profound ability to overcome them. I spent years working with supplement companies to better understand specific nutritional compounds. All of these experiences have contributed to my greater journey in nutrition.

I am proud to provide services specializing in sports performance and recovery, custom weight optimization meal plans, cooking tutorials, mental and relational impacts of stress on our diets, achieving goals despite convenience-based lifestyle, and guidance in achieving success by having accountability and support along the way. 

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you, setting our compass on happiness and health, and being a part of your rewarding journey toward your potential!

~ Carly

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