the birds

The birds of two birds nutrition are Ammi Midstokke, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and her daughter, B, popsicle chef and Katy Perry fan.

We have a long history of eating food.  In fact, we eat so much food, we feel pretty qualified to teach other people how to eat food, from best uses for bacon to the heart benefits of our personal favorite, artichokes.

The path to becoming a nutritionist has been a long (and continuing) one.  I grew up eating frozen burritos and drinking JOLT! soda. My parents rightly assumed the caffeine would increase the speed at which chores would be completed and as a result we probably had adrenal fatigue by the time we were ten.

Then there was some time spent in college (cheap beer and ramen noodles), some years spent falling in and out of love, and eventually those adventures led me to a business career in Germany.

I lived in Europe for over a decade, where the culture of food and cooking overwhelmed me with new horizons, from the farmers’ markets to the kitchen, to the most memorable meal I’ve ever enjoyed (fried zucchini blossoms on a hillside in Tuscany).  I knew I liked food, but I didn’t understand how important it would be to me in the years to come.


Ammi Midstokke, MBA, NTP

As an avid trail runner and mountain biker, I struggled often with issues of nutritional depletion, over training, and eventually autoimmune disease.  These prompted me to begin researching ways to a more vital self through the support of nutritionists and extensive education. I wanted to share my learnings with others, to use these tools to contribute to their own journeys of health.

In 2013 I returned to the US and formalized my nutrition education as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and two birds was born.  It has been and continues to be the most rewarding adventure upon which I have embarked. It is truly an honor to work with individuals and families as they embrace a sometimes arduous journey toward health. I am grateful again and again for the opportunity to witness their transformations.

When B and I aren’t concocting new energy bars or soups in the kitchen, we like to spend our time mountain biking, writing, knitting, being girls, and dreaming about pie.


Carly Williams, Intern

Carly Williams ProfileWe are excited to welcome Carly Williams, Certified Sports Nutritionist, foodologist, and NTP intern to our team!

Carly comes with extensive experience in health and wellness coaching, a deep knowledge of supplementation, and a focus on working with weight loss and weight optimization for clients.

What we’re most excited about is her firm belief in the potential and ability of our clients to create change for a better life. Carly will be completing an internship while studying for her NTP certification and working specifically with health coaching and optimization clients in our Sandpoint location. To read more about Carly’s story, click here.

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